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OrangeHat - Raspberry Pi Robot Hat


Hello EEVblog

I have been working quite a while on a Raspberry Pi hat for robotics as an hobby, I discovered this blog while searching for information and I thought I'd share here the progress.

After trying lots of boards, I decided to focus on the Raspberry Pi for the compute because of power consumption and software available, I'm developing an hat to integrate all the electronics needed for a robot on a single board. Specs:

* XT60 Power connector
* 5V3A regulator channel for the Rasperry Pi
* Servomotors with a dedicated 5V3A regulator channel
* ATMega 4809 microcontroller
* Three channel voltage and current monitor
* Screen
* Communication Bus (right now RS485, but I'm evaluating CAN)
I release all relevant code and gerber open source, here the github repository:

OrangeHat assembled and powered as of 2022-01

OrangeHat installed on a simple bot as 2022-01

Youtube video of a simple OrangeHat powered bot moving

Impressed project! looking forward updates! how about to use a small oled display instead of the big lcd?

Along with Maze solver, what are the common robots that we can make with this hat?


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