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OSHW HDMI/CEC/IR adapter (Schematic/Layout)


Hey all,

to scratch an itch that I've been having for a long time, and not liking the fact that the commonly known HDMI-CEC adapter is closed source, I started to design something myself. Also, the commercial product doesn't do everything *I* want it to be able to do. Not sure yet where this will go yet, hopefully something for me and like minded people :)

The design is/will be open source of course, but I'm currently in the schematic/design phase and was hoping to get some review comments/feedback. The CEC bit I got inspired by ST's application note an4066 and an4879 states that we can do crystal-less USB. Also an4099 lists how to do IR transmitters and receivers. So I didn't come up with most of this stuff myself :)

I'm personally not sure on which power supply chip to use, so that bit may change, but everything else should be okay.

So shoot off anything that could be improved, from schematics design, to design choices :) I'm not an EE so anything would be helpful.

I've attached both a PNG for a quick look, and a PDF. I won't "version' these yet, as they'll probably change a bit over time, this is a dated-draft if anything :)

So, after a few changes to the schematic, and countless hours of part sourcing and layout, I'm quite satisfied what I've got right now ;)

Next steps are to set up the git repo and add the pipeline to generate some of this stuff I'm painstakingly doing manually :p

Thoughts/idea's are still very welcome :)

P.S. yeah, the 3D model for the lower HDMI connector is wrong, there was none, and lcsc doesn't seem to honor 'within 3 days' claim. So ... I just took the same connector and flipped it upside down :p

Strangely, only 3 attachments of the 6 survived in my previous post? So here's the other 3.


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