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I am developing an Arduino-controlled Turbo Diesel Tuning Box (MAP and Common Rail sensor signal manipulation).
It works on my car, but it needs some testing and software work before releasing the design to the public.
Are there other car enthusiasts willing and able to help?

I'd be happy to help, but all of my diesel's are old school rotary!

If you don't get any hits here, try the guys on www.dieselplace.com, numerous EE level guys there.

If you want people to test it you are going to have to post the project or link to it, as I know I wouldn't be happy to test anything like that until I saw how it specifically worked.

I think that's a given, he just wants a peer review/test or two before posting publicly.


Well, at a minimum we need to know:
1. What he has currently done and what interfaces he is using.
2. What he has currently tested with and what the results were, in particular what the reading of the "adjusted" sensors are.
3. What he wants help with.

I.e. what software work needs to be done.


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