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Thanks for the kind offer, but I already have a TOP programmer that is old obsolete and only windows that I can use if needed.

Have been thinking a lot the last night maybe I will attempt making a true universal pin driver for 48 pins,

If I would design it I would use an MCU such as an LPC1768 (very inexpensive development tools) controlling an fpga that works as a pin matrix for the data connections to the device under test,
I would use shift registers for VPP, VCC and VSS to controll the supplies of power to the device under programming, outputs of shit registers would connect to transistors feed by the supplies
I would use two DAC's controlled by the MCU for VCC and VPP.
Use a simple pullup to VCC to support 1.2 - 6.5 volts for the data lines connected to FPGA IO

The fpga would be fed by the MCU each device type would neeed a very simple verilog implementation.

This would be quite simillar to how the TOP devices are implemented, only they are not true universal since only certain pins has been connected to VSS, VCC and VPP

Will see if I get time over to make a schematic


I have been thinking about how to make an universal PIN driver and I have a basic idea,

since I am not an electrical engineer, just some college in software engineering, I would like some feedback.  The attached schematic is just for one PIN and very high level. Please give comments.

VCC is the 1.8 v that the FPGA is running
VCCX is the variable voltage the target chip is using
VPP Programming voltage

The test position ZIF PIN is a pin on the ZIF socket
The test position FPGA IO is one FPGA IO pin
The shift register is used to setup supply rail layout on the ZIF socket, ie to setup the VSS VDD and VPP pins for programming

I am thinking about two s/w controlled DC-DC regulators one from 0 - 7 volts and one 5 - 28 volts
There would also be a need to meassure current consumption on both rails for faulty device detection, incorrect device insertion detection and PIN driver self test

Let me know what you think, sorry for hijacking the thread. Maybe I should start another thread?



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