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P01-109 BLiVIT Rev M - crowdsourcable?
« on: June 01, 2013, 12:10:19 am »
I am very close to getting final prototypes on my feature-rich power supply system, the BLiVIT is the core.  Single-cell lithium battery charger that accepts power from either USB or a wall-wart.  The load can be powered during the charge cycle with automatic switchover.  The load is completely isolated so the power is floating and not earth ground referenced.  The POQiRX is a daughter-board for the BLiVIT which introduces a Qi compliant wireless power receiver into the BLiVIT charger.  The entire assembly of BLiVIT, POQiRX, the Qi receiver coil, battery, and both thermal sensors (for the battery and the receiver coil) fit in a (I think it's cool) 42x64x22mm enclosure.

There is a further 60x60mm board for the POQiTX transmitter, which is the complementary unit for the POQiRX.  It is power sourced from either USB or wall-wart, and is fully Qi compliant with an A11 class transmitter.

My question here results from the fact that this project is being accepted as a series by Elektor for (maybe) the July/Aug project issue, or later this Fall.  Is the fact that all elements are OSHW and being published going to be an impediment to getting it crowd-funded so I can go into production with this?  Should it be packaged as a cafeteria-style list of elements or should it be sealed configuration?

I can get into specifics including Eagle files and photos, if desired, but I need to know if any of the usual crowd-funding channels are viable for something like this.

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