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I have a little project I worked on the last year or so now and then and that consists of hardware (schematics, PCB, panel designs, circuit descriptions, build instructions), some PC software and microcontroller software.
In the past, I mainly published free or open source software projects and usually created the webpages manually and added links to subversion archives for the sources.

Now I wonder what would be a proper, easy and hassle-free way to release a project that consists of more than source code. E.g. it seems to be a good idea to also put the schematics, PCB files, SVG files for the panels etc. into some kind of revision archive. Also maybe it would make sense to use some kind of blog or wiki software to create the description stuff.

So any hints how to proceed? How do you guys publish your open hardware/software stuff?

I'm not sure, if I only write the obvious, but http://sourceforge.net/ and http://code.google.com/ are good location.

I usually put everything on github https://github.com/Miceuz

BTW github allows you to create a custom webpage for your project if you want to. On the other hand - markdown syntax to a readme file is an easy and lightweight way to documents stuff too.

I also prefer github, they have a good UI so most people easily can download and show single files.

I wrote a little script for eagle to export schematics and pcb images upon git commit so that they can be easily viewed.

From the does mentioned above i would use github. It is very refined. You will need to learn git and install on your computer. Git is not the easiest version control system but is mainstream and works well once you get the hang of it and your files will be version controlled, big plus.

A simpler approach is dropbox. Almost zero learning, you put the files in the 'public' directory or share a link.


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