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I Went along to a Raspberry Pi Jam in london the other day. Really was a great evening, and loads of great projects going on.
Hope you'll have a read of my blog post and my friends more informative post.
What does everyone else think about the R Pi? what have you done with it?



I'm enjoying my RPi that being said I'm more or less using it as a XBMC at the moment. It's got a lot of horse power for such a little platform. I do plan to learn more about controlling it's GPIO to more some more fun things but I got caught up in building things with arduinos instead.

I did see a guy restore a very very old tv with a new LCD and Rpi to drive it. Looked very tidy and was able to put old war movies on it. Good prop for antique store.


--- Quote from: eyebrow on January 27, 2013, 05:48:29 am ---I did see a guy restore a very very old tv with a new LCD

--- End quote ---

You mean, he put an LCD in an *old* TV (that previously had a CRT)? Poor TV... :( That's like emptying a beautiful old Tek scope with vacuum tubes and putting the guts of a Rigol inside.

Tried to use rpi (256MB version, without overclocking) with XBMC. Rather bad experience. Worked but far from being smooth or fast, especially with 1080p movies.


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