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Raspberry PI Camera IMX219 MIPI CSI 4 Lane interface to Lattice FPGA USB 3.0

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I am implementing the imaged display by zynqberry (FPGA) + imx219. The basic implementation scheme  is csi2-rx + vdma + hdmi.
Hoever, the color of the  image on the monitor is bad.
I do not know what I can to improve the quality of the image.
One picture is from my phone and one picture is from FPGA. What should I do to make the picture from FPGA become the picture from my phone?




Rasperry pi perform some color correction, You can look at pydng project how to fix color. Image with my design was also a bit yellowed and washed out. You can need do color correction and also black level correction. It is going to be a color matrix operation.

Is your design open source ?


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