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RPi 4 Robot Expansion Board


I'm working on a RPi 4 expansion board to control a robot quadruped using RC servos and would benefit from a review. I am concerned mostly about the onboard DC-DC convertor traced correctly and other violations of best practices. Any insight is welcome! Please see attached design files and for the full source: https://github.com/reubenstr/Zuko/tree/main/pcbs/expansion-board

My only worry would be the longish trace between L1, U6, and D2.  I see you've duplicated it on an inner layer to improve current handling.
I'm not sure if it would help much, but maybe you could see what you can do by swapping the position of L1 with RV1 and C7.

Note that the traces between FB pin and RV1/R17 divider need to also be kept short and away from L1 as much as possible.
I'd also suggest redrawing the schematic around RV1 - the orientation makes it hard to visualize as a voltage divider.

Looks awesome!! please update us on this project  :D

It's better to make a prototype and perform testing.


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