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µSupply in SMD

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You maybe confused between the "power supply" project and the "usb power supply" project, they're not the same.

I think Dave put the 'power supply' project on hold indefinitely while he works on the 'usb power supply' project.

The 'usb powersupply' project was designed to be really small, so it can be thrown into a laptop bag, SMD is a must to get the size down to that level.

Where as the 'power supply' project was intended to sit on your electronics desk.
But i seem to remember he did plan to use one or two SMT ICs due to them not being available in DIP. The rest was through-hole though. With rotary encoders, RGB LCD etc...

Yes, both the USB and bench versions of the uSupply are SMD.
Yes, I'm focussing on the USB version first, and it has combined some features of the bench version, like battery power and PC connection.


Thanks for clearing that up. Looks like 5x10cm si too small even for SMD (the bench power supply). I'm gonna have to choose something else.

  Any news in regard to the USB Supply or the bench version?

I saw this post https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/usupply/

I think confusing me was the Projects list on your blog.  The uSupply page is missing a few recent YouTube videos - e.g. Part 7 and others.

Can't wait a video update of that usb power supply.


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