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Very Mini AVR Processor Module with Expansion boards


Hi All,

I'm in the process of starting up an open source hardware company in Akron, OH, from a project that I started as a member of SYN/HAK, the Akron, Ohio Hackerspace, and we just launched a Kickstarter campaign last week. 

The project involves shrinking the size of the Arduino, but without giving up the signals, processor power / memory, and expansion capabilities (via shields) of a standard Arduino.  I realize a lot of you here don't really like the Arduino / Arduino software tools and just want a standard micro board that you can program - you certainly can also do that with this as well and you can easily program the ATmega328p processor directly using ICSP. 

There are obviously other tiny Arduino type boards out there (like the Digispark or the FetmoDuino), but our big focus is on creating tiny shields as well to make for an awesomely small project.  We've past our initial goal and our now working on a number of stretch goals to create tiny shields for things like motor control, Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, etc.  We also are not just an "Arduino" type maker - will be coming out with processor modules for other vendors, including for TI MSP430s, Microchip PICs, ARM
Cortex-M, and more. 
Here's a brief overview of the project on Kickstarter:
The TinyDuino is just 20mmx20mm (Smaller than a US Quarter)! with a coin cell battery holder option, but still has stackable shield support and all the Arduino shield signals available!  And it uses the same Atmel microcontroller as used on the Arduino Uno.
The TinyLily Mini is 14mm in diameter (Smaller than a US dime)!  This board has large sewtabs for easy soldering to, and also uses the same ATmega328p as used on an Uno. 
Since you see all of the similar type projects out there, I'm extrememly interested on your thoughts of the project.  Even if you don't run it on the site, I'd love if you could send me a quick message of your thoughts.
Ken @ TinyCircuits (http://Tiny-Circuits.com)


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