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Using Weller Micro Soldering Tips in Miniware Irons


I have a TS1C soldering iron, but I have an application where I need a much finer tip than available by miniware. I found out weller has some micro soldering tips that use a 3.5mm jack like the tips for the miniware irons (but the stations they go to are ~$1000), so I ordered the Weller RTP 001 C. I found the diameter is a bit too wide after the 3.5mm jack so I got an extension that puts the jack just outside the iron so I can attachd the Weller tip. It detects the tip and warms to about 160C before it gives a no tip error that does not go away until the tip cools back down. I guess the temeprature coefficient for the tip is different than that of the miniware iron so probably resistance goes too high and the iron detects no tip. Im wordeiring if anyone with experience with firmware dev on the miniwar irons could tell me how to program a different tip calibration so that I can use the weller tip.


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