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What licens should I chose?

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This is not about hardware but software, but it is still open source, I am looking for the right license to put it under.

My goal is to give as great freedom for non-commercial usage, but as restrictive as possible toward anyone who try to make money or take ownership of the project. In short, shall this remain free for all and nobody may make it their own in any form.

I have looked at AGPL but aren't sure it fits the bill?

I wanted a rude username:
AGPL is the right licence if your project provides an online service. If your project doesn't do that, AGPL has no benefit over GPL. Both are "copyleft" licences which will indeed help you achieve your aims ... not by treating commercial use any differently than non-commercial, but simply by requiring everyone who distributes a derivative to also provide the code, including their improvements.

Thanks, I was looking at the AGPL because, as I understand it, does the GPL not prevent anyone from renting the software out, as long it is done via network or cloud, while AGPL restricts that part also.

My goal is to make a program truly free or gratis for everyone, while preventing anyone at all for, ever been able to use parts of the code to get money. I have seen too many open source projects where part or the whole code has been used as the main foundation with little to no change to then get sold.

How are you going to enforce it?
Out of curiosity, any examples of "code has been used as the
main foundation with little to no change to then get sold"?

What does your "code" have to do with "Open Source Hardware"?


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