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Open Source Automated Screen Printing
« on: December 28, 2017, 04:33:02 am »
I am a student pursuing an Associates of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology.  I am entering my final term, and will take a course similar to a university's senior design course.

Goal: I want to build a device that can silk screen laminate copper boards, with very little user intervention.  The device will be created using open source tools.  The device will be released under TAPR_OHLv1.

Requirements:  So far the only requirement I know of is that I need to use the TI Launchpad MSP432 somewhere the project.  The class hasn't started yet. It starts Jan 8th.

Current Work: I will be drawing the machine in FreeCad.

Captain’s Log: 12/28/2017 11:00pm  I've created a github repo for the project. That can be found here:  I have also created a breadboard adapter for the MSP432 Launchpad.  I have ordered boards to test from OSH park.  There is also a repo for that adapter here:

12/27/2017 10:00pm I've "built" my first silk screen frame.  I was very disappointed with the results.  I blame my failure on my lack of wood working skills.  To mitigate some of the issues, I have modeled a couple tooling. (See the attachment)  The tool in the attachment allows me to drill two pilot holes in perpendicular 1x2's at a 60 degree angle.  The other tool lines up my drill bit, to put in countersinks.  To fix my last problem, I need to develop a method to consistently cut the same length and square.  I was using a jigsaw, but figured out a skill saw would be much more appropriate.
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