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#22 Bringing the Mars SW 10 SWR meter back to life

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Radio Tech:
#22 Bringing the Mars SW 10 SWR meter back to life

In this video I bring an old Mars SW-10 SWR meter back to life.
This meter is covered in nicotine and has broken switches and a sticky meter.
I decide not to do a cosmetic restore as I want the meter to retain it's nostalgic appearance.

So how was the meter sticky, just nicotine contamination in the bushes, or something more like a bent pivot. Nice work there, getting the colour off, though I bet it still has the smell of cigarette on it. Just how many packs was the dead former owner smoking a day to get it that colour.

Radio Tech:
The meter was  pretty much sealed up so not too bad . I think it was a combination of different foreign particles. Disassembled the movement and gave it an alcohol bath followed by a ultrasonic bath. To be honest, even before cleaning it really did not have much of a smell to it.  :-//

Good job with the restoration.   

Excellent job!  :-+


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