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A brief history of Micronta Multitesters


A couple of weeks back, I left a comment on one of Dave's videos mentioning my collection of Micronta multitesters, I got an instant reply saying "make a video!". I'd already recorded a load of footage during lockdown, but was waiting to see if I could source some of the less popular models (not an easy task). So I've used the footage I already had, and put together a video which I uploaded onto my sister channel - which currently stands at around 10 subscribers (my main doesn't have that many more, but it's only been running for around 18 years). Anyway, moving on, here's the video for those who have fond memories of their Tandy / Radio Shack meters.

I am trying to source the rest of the collection for a part 2, I have put a list of my needs in the description and how to contact me, for those that happen to have one kicking around the attic - I'm not trying to push for free stuff, but can't afford fortunes either.

Without further adeu, I present to you, dear viewer, the Micronta collection (as it currently stands):


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