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If you start a new thread - don't just have the first post. Take the next 3 or 4 as well.

You don't have to put anything more than a single character in them at the start, but they will be there for future expansion when needed.  This has been the experience of the past - and you can't insert posts at the start once someone else has posted.

Quite a bit of analog stuff:

GodIsRealUnless DefinedInt:
List A, didn't see Paul McWhorter channel.

Ex CEO and school teacher with videos on electronics and programming, edge of space, Raspberry Pi, Nvidia jettison, AI programming, Python programming, Arduino, 3D graphics, Fusion 360, Key Points to being a Successful Engineer, etc.

Great electronic and mechanic projects

I think the deserve greater coverage

Mixed bag including some CNC machining but some good sound real world applications and experiments with the Electronics behind it clough42  :-+


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