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Motor/generator rebuilding:

Electronic Projects, Measurement Tips,... etc

Maximus Panin:

ElEnBlog electronics blog. Aurel is a blogger from Moldova.

--- Quote ---I am a radio amateur who probably has the best channel for electronics. I show a lot of what I repair on the channel, along the way talking about how to solder, how to choose a good solder, and give advice for a beginner radio amateur.

But the repair of equipment is not very interesting to me, I like to develop electronics more. I really like to design the circuit of the device myself, after tracing the printed circuit board, write a program for the microcontroller, assemble the layout, run it, and then debug it for a long time. This is a very exciting and interesting process for me.

Almost all electronics tools I buy in China. I also take many components there. I show them on the channel, even if they are not of high quality, I hope this helps.
--- End quote ---

Not sure if this one has been done before, but good retro computing and electronics content:


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