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My 2 cents of YT channels tha should be added to the list.

Feedback Loop:
Mostly test equipment (With a very high success rate I must say) and some audio equipment repair, some lithium battery tests and TE mods, plus some other miscelaneus videos. I like this channel very much, the videos are relatively short, well made and straight to the point.

Mend it Mark!:
I reckon this is going to be one of the best/more suscribed YT channels in the electronic community in 1 or 2 years (10 K subscribers 5 months ago, at present day almost 70 K). Mostly clasic/vintage audio repair/restoration with a very detail and skill, he even make custom parts (knobs and others). Videos are well edited, with good quality and (IMO) the solder/desolder footage he made are almost terapeutical (uses METCAL on both).

Duality Repair:
Mostly clasic/vintage audio, and some test equipment repair as well. A very metodic guy, relatively short videos and well edited.

StezStix Fix?:
Mostly retro/modern consoles and videogames repair. His videos are not so technical, but they are very funny, some people might not like it, but it is enyoyable, he makes a different rap in almost every video thanking to his patreons!

Fesz Electronics:
Miscelaneus electronic tutorials, LTSpice, audio, RF, Oscillators, simulation models of components and much more. Guy is from Romania I think. The best part of almost every video is that the guy performs in depths simulations and give very detailed explanations.

I'd also recommend adding:


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