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Amazon adventure - buy one get something else / scam

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Amazon one get something else/scam?
I bought a Samsung charger and got a set of pencils (did someone get my charger?).
Interestingly, you can hunt on the principle that I order the cheapest thing and I get, for example: a fancy laptop?

Honestly, I've been buying via the Internet for over 20 years and there are billions of things, but this is the first time.

Please return the call, and what's next?, maybe someday we'll send you what you wanted e... how can it be? Because we don't know when or how? (with a parcel locker definitely NOT!)
E..? How is it so.
Well, we have

Let me tell you, a mess for sure. I don't think there is a verification system there. (even weight - it's a common way to verify whether there was a mistake)
And this is a professional company?
It was the amazonian that fell on me, they already cut out the number once as something they were supposed to have, but they didn't and I waited a week.
We'll see what happens if I don't receive the goods in a few days, I'll charge back on the card and I won't bother with them.

"In some cases, a replacement will only be dispatched after we have received and inspected the returned item.
If it's been 8 days since you sent your return and you haven't received an email from us confirming that your new item has been dispatched, please contact us again."

So maybe someday... and ask again.

My opinion AVOID AMAZON and what if you order something for $1000? Will they send you an eraser? And then they'll tell you that YOU cheated??? And prove it isn't?

Stray Electron:
  I'm not sure what your rant is about.  All that I can understand is that you bought a Samsung charger and got a free set of pencils.  I don't what the rant about buying a laptop has to do with that.

  That said, my wife and I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon including expensive computers and very rarely have problems with them. But I do try to buy directly from Amazon and not the third party sellers on there.  Amazon has also always been VERY good about taking back items and giving us credit.  The credit usually shows up within hours of the time that I drop the return item off with UPS to have them send it back to Amazon. 

   My suggestions is to READ the sales listing and know who you're actually buying from and what their return policy is and if they charge shipping or any other fee for returns. 

Instead of a Samsung charger, I got some pencils
Mistake ?
I don't know who puts it there, but it's very strange.
It's a problem every time I buy something.
And it is purchased directly FROM AMAZON.
And I had no such problems when I bought NOT FROM AMAZON!

I've been an Amazon customer (Prime members since it was first offered) and make multiple orders per week for years now. We get almost everything from Amazon including many food items. We typically only shop in B&M stores for fresh food (breads, produce, meats), bulk items (Costco), or must-have-today items. In fact we subscribe to several things that are auto-shipped to us. We're talking hundreds of orders per year.

I've had very few mishaps out of all that, probably something on the order of 0.05% or maybe even less, and Amazon has always been extremely easy to deal with. I can't think of an easier supplier, in fact. More often my returns are due to my own error, change of heart, it didn't fit, etc. and they're equally accommodating in those situations. Here in the states I don't even have to package the item up, I just take it in with the printed barcode RMA to my nearby Kohl's department store and hand it to a clerk behind they counter. They'll package it up and handle the return, and I get almost immediate credit.

I have heard in the past of Amazon going after chronic returners, those who frequently buy and return products. Costco suffers the same fate due to their extremely liberal return polices that people abuse. Which they've tightened a little over the years, but back in the day it was ridiculous -- people would buy a computer, or a set of golf clubs. use them for 3 or 4 years, then return them for full purchase price and buy something newer. So I don't really blame Amazon for giving people who meet certain return thresholds a harder time. But that's never applied to me.

Shipping mistakes happen. And scams happen, though I'd argue much less frequently with Amazon. They have some pretty tight rules on their platform, similar to eBay, which favors buyers over sellers. You can find outright scams, but they're typically short-lived. The higher risk of course is buying an item that's delivered as promised but turns out later to be junk and breaks soon after. And even then I've seen Amazon step up for the customer.

That said, I'm careful to buy from Amazon directly, or those 3rd party sellers who are fulfilled by Amazon, in which case the process is identical in terms of handling returns and refunds. I rarely buy from an Amazon seller who doesn't fulfill through Amazon, but when I do I've been fortunate so far.

The only time I've been scammed like that where a product was swapped has been from Facebook ads. Now THAT is a wildly unregulated and risky shopping platform. I once ordered a portable HD monitor from a FB ad and received a cheap (as in VERY cheap) Chinese wrist watch! I had to go through PayPal to get it refunded, but PP made me ship it back TO CHINA first and I had to fight to get the postage covered.

--- Quote from: max-bit on August 18, 2023, 03:10:11 pm ---It's a problem every time I buy something.
And it is purchased directly FROM AMAZON.
And I had no such problems when I bought NOT FROM AMAZON!

--- End quote ---

Something doesn't smell right here. Or perhaps Amazon in Europe is run/managed completely different.

I'm sure some bad actors speculate in it, getting a refund for something you never received is relatively easy, getting a refund when you received something but it was what or as you expected is less easy


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