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Check out the last video from the Signal Path Blog !

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This guy is great !


Dave should make one, and so should everyone else that can.

Great job.

In fact, I've been watching his channel from the beginning and everybody agrees that he is making very high qulity content.
I've pointed out this very specific episode because his message is what I consider the essence of right thinking.

This is similar to what Dave's thinking, though.

Check out the Amp-hour episode too where he describes his job at Bell Labs (where 1 GHz is considered DC...). Competence at its best.



--- Quote from: pickle9000 on August 24, 2015, 09:37:06 am ---Dave should make one, and so should everyone else that can.

--- End quote ---

Thankfully, still shows up in the top 10 videos when searching "free energy" or "overunity", and 210K views. Hopefully is helps some people  :-+

You call that a Free Energy device?  That's not a Free Energy device! _This_ is a Free Energy device!      :-DD


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