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Visit my Channel for Projects and Tutorials about Embedded System. I post videos IoT based projects, Electronics based projects, Arduino Based Projects and Tutorials. Here is my channel Link.

Here is my latest video

In this video we will cover interface STONE with Arduino and we will see following Parts.
1. Slider Bar (Drag Adjustment)
2. Gauge
3. ICON Generation
4. ADC Controlled Gauge

Here is the complete video tutorial

Send Data to Google Spread Sheet using ESP32 IFTTT, DHT11 | IoT Projects | IoT Training
ESP32 interface with DHT11 sensor and LDR sensor

Arduino Datalogger Project
The sensor used: LDR, DHT11
Other modules: SD card module, RTC (DS1307 module)
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Raspberry Pi Pico with microPython (uPyCraft and Thonny IDE) | GPIO control


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