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Title: How To Measure a Resistor or Capacitor That's Beyond The Range of Your Meter Vid
Post by: mcsoftware on May 12, 2020, 04:09:43 pm
Since many people don't watch all of 30 minute videos, I've decided to make one-topic excerpt videos (of my long videos) available on my 2nd youtube channel.  Here's one of them that shows how to measure a resistance or capacitance beyond the range of your multimeter.  It also shows how to calculate total resistance or capacitance of two resistors or capacitors in series and parallel.  I'm sure most people on this forum will already know how to calculate these, but maybe some haven't realized how this can be used to measure values higher than the range of the meter.

Also, currently on my 2nd channel is an excerpt video showing the ElectroDroid app which has many connector pin-outs, electronic calculators, component codes, etc.  This can be really useful in bringing out your inner MacGyver.

I'll be uploading more videos soon covering designing simple power supplies, applying Ohm's Law, my CPU design running on an FPGA, simple BJT transistor switching circuits, old electronics/computer magazines, magnetic core memory, and more. ( (