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I just found the weirdest AI generated content Youtube channel


So this guy:

Apparently has two million youtube videos uploaded. He talks at the beginning of the video of some -as the English's call it- bollocks, and then the AI generated content comes in with some cringey music. I'm sure the video titles are coming from Stackoverflow or something. The cannel has 37 million views, so he is probably getting enough to retire. It's simultaneously disturbing and amusing.

This is a well known auto generated channel. There are like 5-10 different video intros that are randomly included in the videos.

Part of the reason for so many views is its meme status, this channel was brought up by A LOT of popular streamers and YT creators. It comes up all the time in "top 10 strangest YT channels" type of videos.

I'm not sure how much organic traction it gets, and the individual video views are pretty low. There are just a lot of them.

Yeah in the description he links the stackexchange license.

So it means anyone can take content from there and use it on their site with no attribution whatsoever?

Seems like almost relying on people randomly watching a video to see what it's about more than anything. i.e. unlikely they'll be repeat viewers.

Appears to the be the highest uploader by some margin - next is about 1M videos. So 37M views with 2M videos i.e. averaging ~20 views per video. Does that actually produce a reasonable income?

And I don't think this is AI at all. Just he has some automation to scrape stack exchange, turn it into a video randomly including some recorded intros and automatically upload it.

Probably just people randomly stumbling on the videos. That's what I did anyway. With 2USD CPM he would receive about 70000USD in ad revenue so he might retire if it goes like this in the future.
About the AI or not: sure it can be that he shows the two most upvoted reply.


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