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Title:'ve had enough!
Post by: IanJ on May 09, 2021, 09:37:25 pm
........of remotely controlling my K40 Laser and Reflow oven from a remote location!

Today I had 70off PDVS2mini acrylic front panels to laser cut......but wouldn't you know my main Dev PC just plain refused to connect to it.
I'm using a USB over ethernet bridge & wifi and it usually works just fine, so with time ticking by I just grabbed a laptop, installed Lightburn and took it out to the old workshop and connected locally and spent the day out there cutting acrylic.

Not happening again though!.....I'm moving the Laser and my main reflow oven into the main workshop and getting rid of the troublesome USB over ethernet hassles.

I'd always refrained from having those two devices in the main workshop due to fumes, but now that I have a great aircon system I can pipe into that to extract the fumes.

To be honest, I enjoy making changes to the workshop so looking forward to getting on with this.

1st pic, it's gonna go here after I strip out this lot of shelving and put in something deeper for the laser, reflow oven and also the 3D printer.
2nd pic, the laptop / laser cutting session.
3rd pic, my main workbench at the moment.

PS. I also have another Agilent Power Supply repair video coming.......when I can get a minute!


Title: Re:'ve had enough!
Post by: IanJ on May 10, 2021, 06:30:00 pm
Hi all,

I fixed the USB over ethernet bridge issue.......A recent Win10 update had installed a "USB over Bluetooth driver" on the same COM port as the Cohesion 3D smoothieboard driver (virtual com port) and despite disabling the bluetooth serial port it still wasn't I uninstalled it and straight away the laser com port came into life!

Am still relocating the laser etc though.......change is good!