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Joule thief

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I did a video around 5 years ago explaining the workings of a joule thief. Since then i have had positive comments, however one person has really knocked my video and said my explanation is wrong allround.

I would hate to think that my video is spreading misinformation. If it is wrong i will take the video down. Any chance any of you that fully understand the joule thief could take a look at my video. (not going to take it down just from one person's comments). 


Let it be..

If the video is wong, it should not be available to watch should it not?

What you should do it reach out to Colin Mitchell as the commenter

And have a scroll down to Joule Thief here

I wouldn't take down the video as content is great but consider adding to the description with a link or two including even Big Clives take on them.  :)

Wow didn't know the founder of talking electronics was the commenter of my video!! i will be sure to link to his page. Didn't give it a thought as he only has 3 subscribers, and one video.


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