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In this video I build 6 Tesla coil interrupters with selector switches, normal and burst mode. There is also a seventh master interrupter to control 1 to 6 outputs from one controller. All schematics for the circuits and PCB layouts are now also available at my website in a complete project article:

Teardown of a Kathrein Dual Panel 1800/900 MHz used for both GSM (2G) and 3G mobile broadband technologies. It has options for Remote Electrical Titlt (RET) and on the inside we will find phase changers, splitters, combiners and 1800/900 MHz antenna elements. I give a walk-through of the circuit, what the different elements does and what kind of antenna design it is based upon.

Beethoven - Für Elise, on a Musical Tesla Coil. This is the first song I ever played on a SSTC as well, but that was back in January 2009 on my SSTC1: So check out the old video on the link and compare the two :)

Old discarded equipment from a agriculture laboratory. Unfortunately damaged from the rough handling. This analyzer measures the CO2 levels in emissions using the principle of infrared absorption.

In this video I mount, update and test the Syntherrupter with its MIDI capabilities and gives a walk-through on how I am using it.

Teardown of some old and discarded DVB MPEG-2 Decoders that have been used in a large buildings distributed TV network. Despite that units look the same on the outside, they turned out to be very different hardware revisions on the inside. All pictures at


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