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Re-use, re-purpose or re-invent. Do not just throw out stuff, see if you can use it in another way. The Earth Overshoot Day is something to take seriously.

Pictures and more information:

The ALTIVAR 58 (ATV58) family of adjustable frequency AC drive controllers is used for controlling three-phase asynchronous motors. This controller in from the range of: 1–75 hp (0.75–55 kW) constant torque (100 hp variable torque), 400/460 V, three-phase input. In this teardown, I am giving you an overview of how its built, non-destructively as the unit works fine and will find a new home/be used.

Telemechanique was acquired by Schneider Electric in 1988, and in 2009, 21 years later, all the brands was adopted into the Schneider Electric portfolio and Telemechanique was no more.


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