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Re-use, re-purpose or re-invent. Do not just throw out stuff, see if you can use it in another way. The Earth Overshoot Day is something to take seriously.

Pictures and more information:

The ALTIVAR 58 (ATV58) family of adjustable frequency AC drive controllers is used for controlling three-phase asynchronous motors. This controller in from the range of: 1–75 hp (0.75–55 kW) constant torque (100 hp variable torque), 400/460 V, three-phase input. In this teardown, I am giving you an overview of how its built, non-destructively as the unit works fine and will find a new home/be used.

Telemechanique was acquired by Schneider Electric in 1988, and in 2009, 21 years later, all the brands was adopted into the Schneider Electric portfolio and Telemechanique was no more.

In this video I install and test the analog audio interrupter and gives a walk-through on how I am using it.

The analog interrupter audio input is quite simple and build up around a single LM339 op-amp. It has a toggle switch between normal BPS interrupter output and the op-amp output. The potentiometer is a frequency bandwidth limiter setting somewhere between allowing a maximum frequency from 100 up to 500 Hz. Overall on-time is still limited by the normal potentiometer for on-time adjustment.

This Cisco headend/hub RF combining and splitting networks is used in Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial networks. HFC is a telecommunications industry term for a broadband network that combines optical fiber and coaxial cable. Advanced HFC networks include numerous 2-way interactive services that have changed the requirements for the configuration and flexibility of the systems.

Teardown of a Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi Multiradio amplifier. This was for example used for mobile phone base station installations and this particular part is a 2x50 Watt FRGL amplifier. This have been in service as a 2 antenna system for mobile telecommunications. It is GSM / EDGE and WCDMA / HSPA capable.

I do a teardown and test of a Victron Energie Atlas Combi 12-800. It is a combined battery charger and 230VAC inverter. The battery charger of the Atlas Combi is suitable for a 230 VAC, (50 Hz) mains voltage. The charger works automatically, so batteries may remain permanently connected to the charger, even during winter storage. The Atlas Combi is suitable for starter batteries and semi-traction batteries of the lead/acid type in open or sealed designs. The inverter converts the 12 VDC into 230 VAC, 50 Hz.


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