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Having fun with the Schneider Automation / Telemechanique TSX Nano PLC. Its DOS based PL7-07 program IDE features a neat DRUM programming block that is a merge of old school mechanical control technique merged into modern programming for industrial control. Modern 20 years ago. Perfect for making a simple sequence control or a drum machine!

The previous owner of this Danish vintage oscilloscope had tried to plug it in and the only result was smoke! I was asked if I wanted it for repair or it would be thrown out. The Radiometer Copenhagen OSG 42b was repaired and saved!

Radiometer is a Danish company from 1935, started by the engineers Børge Aagaard Nielsen and Carl Schrøder, to develop measuring devices for the growing radio industry in Denmark.


A teardown of a Migatronic Pilot 1800, a combined TIG & stick welder. TIG is short for Tungsten Inert Gas and refers to the tip of the welding handle, which is made out of tungsten. A inert gas comes from the handle, to surround the tip and ensure no air is near the welding bath. This machine can also do stick welding ( Shielded Metal Arc Welding ), which is the same principle, but the way of protecting the welding bath from air is by a layer of flux around the metal stick being deposited into the weld.

In this teardown video, I give a run down of the current paths in the system and I show which parts I kept.

Teardown of Cisco / Atlanta Scientific Cable TV optical node and drop amplifier. These are modern versions running on fiber networks. These small amplifiers are used in houses where it is not practical to use a receiving antenna to get the signal from the broadcast headend transmitter. They are also called a "service drop". Historically CATV is short for Community Antenna TV. A large receiving antenna was used and a cable connection ran out to every house in the neighborhood. Each house had one of these amplifiers. The return path amplifier can also send some of the signal back into the line to keep the signal good enough for the next house. In Denmark, the large receiving antennas has mostly been substituted with fiber connections.

More pictures:

Teardown and test of a Post-Soviet era Tesla coil. Hardware and circuit analysis with a spark throwing test.


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