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Slow motion Tesla Coil recordings of SSTC sparks. Recorded at 8000 frames per second and replayed at 15-30 frames per second. Notice the step leader, known from natural lightning strikes and the hot spots that might be forming from collapsing plasma channels.

Construction of a shielded mains supply cable for my large Kaizer DRSSTC3 Tesla coil. Using braided copper tubing, polyester cloth and terminations, a sturdy and professional cable pack is made.

Kaizer DRSSTC3:

A teardown of a Migatronic FocusStick 161E stick welder. I take apart and show the current paths of the system.


Teardown of a 8 kW induction cooktop, supplied from 2 single phase mains and neutral. Modular construction with two inverter modules and changeable coils.


Teardown of a standalone xray head from Showa (Made in Japan). Capable of outputting 100 kV at 35 mA for up to 10 second exposure times. It comes as a complete unit with collimator, only to be supplied with 230 VAC and operated with external trigger.



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