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I found a complete Philips Medio 50 CP-H system consisting of 2 meter tall 19″ rack with computer, driver, inverter and high voltage tank. Dual X-ray tube head rated for 150 kV and a control desk. It was only possibly for me to take the control desk with me. No effort was done for the driver, inverter and high voltage tank, as it was from the 1990’s and SCR based inverter design.

Teardown of a ABB DCS401.0900 DC motor drive. It can output an insane 900A at variable voltages, for a maximum output power of 522 kW!

All pictures and information:


The long and hard journey for a better basement electronics lab is through the first phase of construction!

April, 9 years old and Alfred, 5 years old assemble and solder a LED blinking Christmas tree. Kids love to build stuff and electronics should be no exception to them!

A video guide on how to make the, Dell N870P / NPS-885AB, server power supply run outside of its server enclosure. Through trial-and-error I found that a simple circuit of 1K resistor from ground to pins 6A and 6C is required.

Pictures and schematic:


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