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I found a discarded welding machine in a scrap yard! It might be an older shielded metal arc welder, also known as SMAW or stick welder. But from what my father told me, these old ESAB machines are impossible to destroy. It got a good new home :)

Technical walk-through and demonstration of spark generation from my first dual resonant Tesla coil. I finished this dual 811A vacuum tube Tesla Coil back in late 2008, which dates this back 15 years by now! At the time I finished this coil, my best camera at the time, could only record in 640x480 with horrible noise in dark surroundings. This video is the walk-through and demonstration video I wanted to make 15 years ago, but got done now :)

A teardown of a 19" 1U server UPS, the APC SC450RMI1U UPS, a run down of the current paths in the system.

I found a old and discarded smoke cannon at a scrap yard! It looked in rough shape, but still had some oil in its container. With a bit experimentation and at last forcefully feeding it oil, it gave off its smoke!
As a bonus, I got most of my workshop lubricated from half-burned oil smoke raining down droplets everywhere!

I visited the Danish Electricity Museum back in Autumn 2023 and by pure coincidence it was their last opened weekend of the year and they would pack down to close for good, due to lack of funding.

Finn Hammer from built their Tesla coil back in 2003. I got to film its last ever public show, as an re-opening of the museum, might not be what it was originally when it closed.

This is the first video in a series of 3, on how to get started with the UD3 Tesla coil driver. Huge shoutout to Steve Ward, Netzpfuscher (Jens Kerrinnes), Malte0811 and TMaxElectronics (Thorben Zethoff) for their work on the UD3 platform.


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