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How far can we push a 3 phase 415 VAC rated power factor correction capacitor? The answer is: 1250 VDC far! We can push it pretty far and get some literally mind blowing results. I put together a capacitor bank of 20 capacitors, weighing 25 kg, a behemoth. Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors, the MKP type, is notorious for high voltage handling, self-healing when abused and very high dI/dt pulse currents due to low ESR.

A teardown of a desktop UPS, the APC Smart-UPS 1500, a run down of the controller and power electronics of the system.

A teardown of a 6 kW solar inverter, the Fronius IG Plus 2LT-2. Two phased system split into two inverter boards, based on TO-247 devices in the power electronics section.

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