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Mailbag, thought I have a go :)


Seeing that most people are doing it, thought I would have a go. only one item to test the waters, included a review with it as well.

I have noted a couple of things with the item after doing the post which I will cover in later videos.

Muttley Snickers:

 :-+...A thumbs up from me, very informative and easy to listen to, I wasn't aware of these devices and assume they are a direct replacement for a current shunt or possibly prior to one, I wondered if they made a version that could output a lower voltage or if the output could be reduced for say 200 mv panel meters, I also suspect as you pointed out that those terminal blocks are rated at far less than 30 amp,

PM me your details if you have plans for more, that other bloke gets more than he can handle.

 :-+...Aussie Accent
 :-+...Keysight Meter
 :-+...I learnt something new


 :-+ :-+ :-+


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