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« on: April 15, 2020, 09:36:04 pm »
Hello y'all!!

My name is Steffen, beter known as ALLelectroNIX
I'm 24 years old, live in Belgium with my parents & I graduated last year in energytechnology in Odisee, Gent (highschool  :box: )

2 weeks ago I started my own YouTube channel where I try to spread my knowledge of electricity and electronics into the world  :-+
First I tried it in Dutch but I quickly realised my public will be very small if I keep speaking Dutch in my video's so I tried to speak English in my last video (I'm not an expert in English  :-// )
So if anyone of you checkedout my Dutch videos & they want them translated in English for better understanding, please let me know! :D
Newest YouTube video:

Because I'm new to this, it's very hard to get some people that actually watch my stuff.
So i asked Dave from the EEVblog to help me, he said that I could try that here, on his forum, so here I am!  :)

Feel free to subscribe to my channel, give me advice, feedback,compliments,...
Next to my YouTube channel, I also have have a facebook and instagram account.
If you are intrested, you can also follow me on those platforms :)

YouTube channel:
Facebook page:
Instagram page:

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