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Need your Suggestions


Hello guys how are you? i am back after a long time to get some experienced ideas from the experienced fellows.

We are planning to go to Bavaria, Germany on the 18th of December till mid-January and want to do some ice fishing. Has anyone ever fished there by chance? I'm sure there are some guide services in there but have never really looked into it.
Anyway, i want to buy a Gadget to find the clever fish under the ice and i have no idea what is suitable for that weather. I find this online do you guys help me to select the suitable one.
Here is the reference: Ice fishing fish finder Please take a look and suggest.
Once again Location, Bavaria, Germany.

Is there anyone here who can help me  ???

Have a feeling you are asking on wrong forum, and I am not sure which would even be the right one lol

Sorry!  Ice fishing as I remember it involved a chainsaw, a line and hook and maybe some devices called tip-ups, a shed and beer.  I'm not sure why you would use sonar for ice fishing, as the fish have to come to you in any case!  But I guess I'm behind the times.


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