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SDGEE #013 Peak Electronics DCA75 Pro Analyser Review and Teardown

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Hoping for another run of discount, some budget to clear this month  ;D

Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but I am looking to add a ZEN50 and SCR100 to my workbench. Jez, is there any chance of getting another discount code. The local distributor over here in Australia doesn't stock the either of the models I am needing.

I do like the reviews of the other Peak gear that has been put up here too, it helped sway me into buying the DCA75 and I haven't looked back.

can you please link the microcontroller inside the product please, I cannot find it anywhere

here you go:

I bought one this week from Digikey and i want to share that my unit feature a backlight display. I know they update the firmware but it's a great surprise.
Date code 2204 seal date 18 JAN 2022.

Since someone revived this 5 old thread i used this one, it's the first result on many search engine when you search a review for the DCA75 pro, it's a great review SteveyG thanks !


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