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New YT channel, now featuring a review of Micsig's new STO1004 scope


Hi guys, I've started a unique electronics channel, which will probably polarize people somewhat since it will be pretty light-hearted haha. I have a bit of a background in video, so I can produce above average quality in terms of filming at least. I have a lot of videos planned out, which will cover some military and aerospace electronics, specialized computers, specialized hardware, various fun electronics demos, things that look cool visually, and occasional product reviews. Posting frequency won't be too high, maybe once every month or two, since unfortunately I have a lot of other responsibilities. I'll try to do a good job with each piece of content, though.

I have the capability to do a lot of extreme filming, from super high quality microscopy, to slow motion, to high resolution thermal etc. So I'll integrate that into my content from time to time.

I've definitely overextended myself with this first video because oscilloscopes are complex, and to do a decent review of one takes a long time. That said, at least it's done! I will speak slower and clearer in future videos, I definitely realized this mistake so far.  :'( If you have other suggestions/observations/thoughts, I'd be happy to hear them. I'd like to try and improve. I also just want to say thanks to everyone on this forum since your advice has saved me countless times. Now maybe I can entertain you in return. ;D

Micsig STO1004 review:

Very cool, thanks! Already subscribed and commented on your video! I didn't even know Micsig has released a new version. I will have to do some research on what's new and what has been improved etc.


--- Quote from: labmixx on June 10, 2022, 06:01:02 am ---I have a bit of a background in video, so I can produce above average quality in terms of filming at least.

--- End quote ---

Ehmm... how about making your scene lighting better, your Experienced Filming Magesty?  :P


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