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RP2040-Zero Powered Laser Range Finder with GUI and a 2.4" TFT Display


In this article/video, I used an RP2040 Zero board, a VL53L0X Laser time-of-flight ranging sensor, and a 2.4” TFT display to build a graphical laser rangefinder unit that can be used to monitor the distance, check the liquid level, etc. The board is also equipped with a relay and a buzzer that allow the user to provide distance-related acoustic signals or activate/deactivate an external device, such as a pump, brake, etc.


Input Supply Voltage: 5V-Regulated (USB Type-C or wire-to-board connector)
Current Consumption (maximum): 200mA
Measurement Range: Adjustable 30mm to 1000mm (2000mm long range)
Distance Resolution: 1mm
Sensor Error: 3% (best) to 10%



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