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RSD Academy youtube channel gone?


I was watching some RSD Academy youtube videos a couple of days ago.  Now the channel seems to have vanished.

Oh that's a shame. I've watched some of his videos too and I liked his style.

The name put in a search engine returned this

Looks like had to change the name.  Probably because that's not a real academy IDK.  :-//

I remember from some years ago watching a videos about electromagnetic wave.  He was saying that the electric field turns into magnetic field, back and forth, and it was drawn like that on the table.  AFAIK, both electric and magnetic fields grows and go through zero at the same time, unless we talk about circular polarized waves.  That made me doubt that channel, and didn't watch other videos.  (I hope I'm not making any confusions about the channel.)

New name seems to be Vocademy


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