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I’ve had a read up on what YouTube expects me to upload, previously I was just normalizing peaks to -1dB all calling it good enough, I see now I should be doing a perceived loudness equalization to about -10 LUFS to keep it more consistent for YouTube to then normalize it again (and probably speaking louder in the first place).
I’ll do this in future but I won’t bother with the existing videos, the really bad ones I did with my old gaming headset microphone are lost causes anyway, they’re just super noisy and normalization won’t help them, they already have a fair bit of noise reduction applied.
I don’t think I will put numbers in the title, I’d rather have the extra few characters before YouTube wraps/hides the end of the title. I have however given each video a reference ID eg. ‘WT-YT-V-9’ so you can search for episodic numbers that way, but I’ve mostly done that for me naming files locally during production.

Thanks Ed.Kloonk for the offer but after having a read I now understand what to do differently so there’s no need.

New Video:

"Teardown and repair of a modern cost optimised consumer grade 'frosted candle' style LED bulb from OSRAM and in-depth analysis of the failed component. This light is advertised as 5.5 W 470 lm with a lifetime of "up to" 15,000 hours and costs at the time of writing AU$4.90. It is estimated this light had approximately 2,000 - 4,000 operating hours before failing."

Nice failure analysis, hopefully it's a low failure rate. Not a big fan of Osram for no reason other than a few have died on me prior to me moving to led lighting.

As long as the leds don't fail cascading one faulty globe could service many others which is cool.


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