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I’ve had a read up on what YouTube expects me to upload, previously I was just normalizing peaks to -1dB all calling it good enough, I see now I should be doing a perceived loudness equalization to about -10 LUFS to keep it more consistent for YouTube to then normalize it again (and probably speaking louder in the first place).
I’ll do this in future but I won’t bother with the existing videos, the really bad ones I did with my old gaming headset microphone are lost causes anyway, they’re just super noisy and normalization won’t help them, they already have a fair bit of noise reduction applied.
I don’t think I will put numbers in the title, I’d rather have the extra few characters before YouTube wraps/hides the end of the title. I have however given each video a reference ID eg. ‘WT-YT-V-9’ so you can search for episodic numbers that way, but I’ve mostly done that for me naming files locally during production.

Thanks Ed.Kloonk for the offer but after having a read I now understand what to do differently so there’s no need.

New Video:

"Teardown and repair of a modern cost optimised consumer grade 'frosted candle' style LED bulb from OSRAM and in-depth analysis of the failed component. This light is advertised as 5.5 W 470 lm with a lifetime of "up to" 15,000 hours and costs at the time of writing AU$4.90. It is estimated this light had approximately 2,000 - 4,000 operating hours before failing."

Nice failure analysis, hopefully it's a low failure rate. Not a big fan of Osram for no reason other than a few have died on me prior to me moving to led lighting.

As long as the leds don't fail cascading one faulty globe could service many others which is cool.

New video:

"Teardown of a 20 kV 5 mA high voltage diode (2CL77) in a DO-312 package manufactured by GETAI Electronic Devices Co. Ltd. (广州市格泰电子器件有限) under the brand HGVT Semiconductor."

This video was actually filmed in June and it's only now I've gotten around to editing and voicing it, I've got several other videos filmed but not edited or voiced and plenty of half filmed or just ideas of videos however I have too many other hobbies and full time jobs to get those done as quickly as I would like but they will be done eventually!

Last month (August) I bought some new LED studio lights (replacing homemade ones), a new smartphone camera (replacing an 8 year old one) and a new desktop computer (replacing a 10 year old one) so once I finish my back log of unedited videos I should be able to start on 4K HDR 60 FPS videos.

New video:

"Taking a look at a suspicious TO-3 2N3055 BJT transistor acquired from an eBay seller for cheap that is allegedly is manufactured by STmicroelectronics."


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