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New video (#15):
“Repairing a broken Simpson (Electrolux) washing machine from 2010 with a faulty SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) followed by an in-depth failure analysis of the failed component and speculating as to possible failure modes.”

New video (#12):

"Taking a quick look at a failed HPM XL632 PIR sensor from the late 2000's and analysing how it failed followed by an in depth teardown of the pyro-electric sensor package (KDS9 5E1), as well as an IRA-S210ST01 manufactured by Murata and comparing it to a ZTP-148SRC1 thermopile manufactured by Thermometrics (Amphenol)."

It's been awhile since the last video but a lot has happened, I've been working on several other videos but I keep increasing the scope of them, I originally recorded the first 10 minutes of this PIR sensor teardown in 2021 just as a test of my new smartphone and some hacked software for it but decided to keep and later edit the footage as a quick filler video, but I wasn't happy with it and abandoned it for several months, upon getting the new camera I revisited it and filmed the rest of the video adding enough to make it worth watching.

This is also the first 4K video which I think turned out quite well, although I was considering doing 4K HDR 60 fps previously I now understand HDR/WCG is not even slightly ready for YouTube or really any platform or device except dedicated closed ecosystems, so this video is SDR in BT.709 although I recorded some parts in BT.2020 & AdobeRGB it was just too difficult and I couldn't be bothered as <<1% of devices even support it properly. I also kept with 30 fps due to recording hardware and file size limitations, although for those types of videos 60 fps doesn't really make that much difference, I'd rather spend my mbps on contrast and sharpness which the new camera has in buckets. I will however note I still have a lot of footage from the old Nokia Lumia 1020 in 1080p before I even bought studio lights or a colour balance card, this footage I can't re-record so the videos I have planned will still have varying image quality or be 1080p.

New video (#21):

"Troubleshooting and repairing a broken PIR (Passive Infra-Red) motion sensor sold under the ROBUS brand (RU360-01) and then taking a closer look at the failure mode and discussing the robustness of X class safety capacitors and a teardown of the failed capacitor and speculation about the root cause of the failure."

This is a follow up/continuation of the previously posted video #12. I'm quite happy with how this one turned out as it was pretty straight forward to make, there wasn't much research needed or complex camera/editing work like the other videos I've been working on.


--- Quote from: WizardTim on April 15, 2023, 03:11:58 am ---New video (#21):

"Troubleshooting and repairing a broken PIR (Passive Infra-Red) motion sensor

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the vid. I have a box full of these and similar dead soldiers. Might set about repairing a few in a group if that's all that it is.

I don't know either if it's power fluctuations or summer heat or moisture. Have had a number fail after a big storm. And yes fail means silly behaviour.

Having considered your video, I too suspect moisture. It's very hard with that model to use the rubber seals on the inlet ports when you've got a bunch of grapes coming out of the wall.


Had a look at one of mine today. Mine are Matelec brand FMS-50000

Except for the re-brand and model sticker on the wire cover plate, these are the same right down to even the same shitty Jimson caps.

The two yellow caps were around the wrong way so I wasn't able to read numbers until I removed them. I tested both with two different MM and got almost exactly the same readings you got with your faulty ones!

Put in the Vishay ones and indeed the detector and relay now work better.  :-+

I half thought about modifying on for a 12vdc input (for a location that has only that) but looks like the circuit and relay is 24v. Oh well.

Might be worth mentioning that this Matelec model is supposed to have a 3 year warranty. There is a slightly different size 'premium' model in the range that is supposed to have a 5 year warranty.

Will put the repaired one back in service and reno the 'replacement' one there before it fails. Will be interesting to watch how long it lasts.

Thanks again for the vid. One less thing around here to be grouchy about.


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