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Starting new blog; high-speed design and advanced device driver consulting.


Published on Oct 21, 2015

In this this one-hour video I walk you through some of the projects I have done in the past and what is on my book shelves. Specifically, lots of information regarding FPGA Digital Design, high-speed board design, device driver and software development is given. Further information regarding my USB and PCI Express protocol analyzer designs are briefly explained in my lab presentation. A brief presentation of lab equipment is given.

This is the first of many videos explaining practical concepts surrounding high-speed board design, FPGA digital design as well as software engineering.

I currently accept new consulting projects. To contact me, please email or visit and send me a message.

a bookworm? proud to be the 1st to give a :-+

Great Scot, someone that has more computer books then i do...  :-+

Edit after watching more video: Very nice lab you have... Looks very professional i think

Yes, I tend to go all out when I do things  ;D

I'm currently working on a new video series on PCI Express and the PC architecture. The first video will likely be covering the PCI bus since it directly lends its architecture to PCI Express. As you might know, PCI Express is largely backwards-compatible as far as device drivers are concerned since the configuration space and programming work identically (as long as one doesn't explicitly use the PCIe extensions). PCIe is also very interesting from an electrical perspective since uses a 2.5 Gbps 8b/10b link that requires some knowledge of signal integrity etc to make work properly.

Other video series planned are PCI and PCIe endpoint implementation in CPLD and FPGA platforms, how to use PCI and PCIe protocol analyzers, how to implement Windows and embedded device drivers for PCI/PCIe etc. There are gobs of material to use for educational videos since these technologies are very complex on both the theoretical as well as practical levels.


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