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Temperature, Pressure, Altitude on a GUI using Raspberry Pi Pico, BMP280, LVGL


In this article/video, I used a variant of the Pico board (RP2040 Zero), a digital Bosch I2C BMP280 sensor, and a 3.2” SPI ILI9341 colorful TFT display to build a graphical temperature, pressure, and altitude measurement unit that can be used to monitor the home, workplace, mobile devices, vehicles … etc.

The most challenging part of this project is the RP2040 code. I used the Pico C/C++ SDK library and invested significant time in designing the GUI and debugging the code to avoid memory leaks. I engaged both cores of the MCU to run the time-constraint tasks simultaneously.

To design the schematic and PCB, I used Altium Designer 24 and the Octopart website to quickly gather the necessary component information and generate the BOM. You can power the unit using a USB Type-C cable of a mobile charger or your 5V-regulated power source.


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