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The SDG Electronics Hot Air Station Comparison Thread - New: Metcal HCT-910

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This can be a discussion place for some of the main contenders when considering a hot air station. The Quick TR1300A is next.

Best BST-863 1200W Hot Air Station

Quick 861X 1300W Hot Air Station

Metcal HCT2-120 120W Hot Air Pencil (new version is higher powered)

Quick 857DW+ 580W Hot Air Station

Metcal HCT-900 320W Hot Air Station

Quick TR1300A 1300W Hot Air Station

Mechanic 861DW Max

Metcal HCT-910 900W Hot Air Station

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I have the Metcal HCT-900-21 and also the Quick 857
And I prefer the Quick 857 every day over the Metcal.

The only reason from my perspective for the high Metcal price is the brand name.


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