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SDG Electronics mega soldering system thread - New: Metcal Connection Validation

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--- Quote from: labjr on September 23, 2021, 09:16:15 pm ---I thought Thermaltronics made Hakko compatible tips? So they make separate lines of tips for Hakko and Metcal compatibility?

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Yes, they make more than 5 types of tips:

Just spotted a second hand MX-500P-11 going for around 90USD. Seeing I have re-bought the tips I need form metcal to replace the thermaltronics tips, I got the unit to see if it will play well with my otherwise useless thermaltronics tips collection. The MX-500 should arrive soon and I'll report back any success or otherwise, hopefully I'll have another working metcal setup.

That's a fair price for the MX-500P-11. And about what they should be selling for used. Some of the asking prices on ebay seem outrageous for stuff that appears to be in poor condition.

After seeing a few negative reviews about Thermaltronics, I think I'm going with genuine Metcal tips. I wouldn't expect miracles by changing the power unit.

MX-500P-11 arrived, well used but perfectly functional. Thermaltronics tips works perfectly with the mx-500 without the issues I see with the mx-5200. If it wasn't for the 80w of the mx-5200, I'd happily use the mx-500 as my main unit, not a fan of the longer boot and reset time of the mx-5200.

Also I don't see a big difference in thermal performance between the two unless I'm soldering to something like a aluminum PCB.

I didn't expect that. Maybe the reason for the popularity of the MX-500P-11. It was simple and a workhorse.


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