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SDG Electronics mega soldering system thread - New: L245 USB JBC

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I've started a series on comparing some of the possible candidate soldering stations, spanning beginner through to professional stations. Since the discussion was cluttering up other threads, any discussion points, criticism or suggestions can be kept together all in this thread.

The JBC DDE 2x 150W Soldering Station:

Pace ADS200 120W Soldering Station:

Quick TS1200A 120W Soldering Station:

Metcal GT120 120W Soldering Station:

Metcal GT120 Follow-up:

Toor T12-11 75W C245 Compatible Soldering Station:

Jabe / Best BST-933B 135W C245 Compatible Soldering Station:

This time, it's the Metcal PS-900

KSGER and Quicko STM32 T12 Soldering Systems

Aixun T3A 200W JBC Compatible System

Ersa I-CON 2V 120W 2 Channel Soldering Station

UniSolder 5.2 with JBC C245 Handpiece

Metcal CV-5210 Connection Validation System

Metcal HTD Handpiece for High Thermal Demand applications

Update on the Metcal GT120

Aixun T3B Soldering Station for C210 and C115 JBC Handpieces

JBC AM120 and Metcal MX-PTZ Desoldering Tweezers

Dual Channel i2C 1SCN 160W JBC Style C210 and C115 Station

JBC's KNE-A Nitrogen Soldering Station

Aixun T420 T245 T215 and T115 dual simultaneous 200W Soldering station

The new Miniware TS101 USB Soldering Iron

L245 USB-C JBC C245 Compatible Portable Iron

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Cliff Matthews:


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