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SDG Electronics mega soldering system thread - New: JBC Nitrogen Soldering

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--- Quote from: TopQuark on November 18, 2021, 07:32:36 am --- It just works (provided you use Metcal tips not the thermaltronics ones),

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Why? I actually find thermaltronics tips better, in terms of lifetime and shape detail


--- Quote from: TopQuark on September 23, 2021, 01:09:53 am ---I am noticing some funky behavior with my particular setup. The tip I am using for the copper clad board test is a M7CH250 from thermaltronics. The tip does heat up to ~378C and draws ~70 w peak (front panel power meter) doing so. However, after the initial heating phase, the tip only draws ~20w from the station no matter how high the thermal load is and the tip gets stuck. I observed similar behavior with the M7CH024 tip as well.

The station switched to simultaneous dual output seems not to suffer from the same issue, but is a bit of a pain as power cycling is required for tip change in this mode. In any case, I have some Metcal tips from Mouser coming today which will hopefully solve this issue.

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This, for whatever reason all my Thermaltronics tips don't play well with my MX-5200, the tips just wouldn't stay hot after the initial heating phase. The Thermaltronics tips do work well with a second hand MX-500 I bought though.

Added a video on my thoughts about the JBC AM120 and Metcal MX-PTZ Desoldering Tweezers


--- Quote from: SteveyG on November 29, 2021, 11:22:40 pm ---Added a video on my thoughts about the JBC AM120 and Metcal MX-PTZ Desoldering Tweezers

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Looks like the AM120 are built basically identically to the Hakko tweezers, with the same offset adjustment mechanism. As you said making the adjustment redundant. Almost as if the same company designed them, quite odd. However the stand looks a lot nicer:
Had to modify them with a shim to make them usable for me:$240/

The eccentric design on the Metcal just seems smarter, properly rigid. But metcal haven't released a small size tweezer, I'm sure they could come up with a decent one.

Added the first extremely sketchy solder station so far.


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